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A perfect connection between CAD and web.
Since construction projects are becoming increasingly complex,
processes must become more transparent: Through the seamless integration of Allplan Exchange,
Allplan accelerates the collection, distribution and archiving of plan data. This avoids discrepancies and delays.

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Dispatch of plans with Allplan Exchange – four-way security.
  1. Secure transfer through SSL encryption: The digital SSL certificate for Allplan Exchange guarantees proofed transfer of e-mails between web server and browser.
  2. As project owner and administrator in Allplan Exchange, you determine who is allowed to access which documents.
  3. Individual password protection: The access data of each Allplan Exchange user is password-protected
and can only be changed by the user.
  4. Double the security: As additional protection, Allplan Exchange enables you to save your plan data
both locally on your hard disk and in the Cloud.


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Allplan customers can chose from these Allplan Exchange products:
- Allplan Exchange, 2 GB (free for Serviceplus Customers)
- Allplan Exchange Professional, 10 GB

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